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During the harverst festival, a small town named stonebridge was host to a group of adventurers, the town had its issues; an evil vampire in a local mansion, a band of kobold raiders and a mysterious stranger lurking around the auction house. These issues however were all managed by telbor pressy the local mayor, with a little help from adventurers wishing to earn themselves a little danger money.

After dispatching the vampire, and dealing with some kobold raiders, the towns problems seemed to be on the verge of being resolved, when the the mysterious stranger left town with naught but a empty roll of parchment that he payed over the odds for, the town began to relax, no one could guess that the calm would end, in fire and death.

The calm after the dragon wars, was expected to last generations, however the dragon high lords had other plans!

After failing to muster the races of the isle of stonebridge the adventurers fled across the seae on the back of the legendary gold dragon goldark! Morricane, secton, Fenris and Rain made it to the western shorse of the mainland in the east, however Goldarks life was the fare for the journey!

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